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Nursing informatics is a growing specialty that integrates nursing science, computer science, and advancing in healthcare to define, collect, manage, and communicate data information between healthcare professionals and patients and their families. Prospective and current informatics nursing students are encouraged to evolve with technology to better health care and improve patient outcomes through problem solving, advancing with technology, and analyzing data to increase knowledge and wisdom in nursing practice. As a member of ANIA, you will have access to many resources to broaden your knowledge on informatics and the nursing practice as well as expanding your opportunities to connect with others who share your interests.

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Student Resources

Nursing informatics may seem like an intimidating field. With the proper tools and support, students and prospective students can be successful in pursuing their future in informatics using ANIA's resources. The Journal of Informatics Nursing is included as part of your member benefits. ANIA's online educational library contains archived webinars, conference sessions, and continuing education articles with contact hours. So, whether you are looking for scholarly articles, finding a preceptor near you, or reviewing for the Informatics Nursing Certification Exam, ANIA offers a wide range of resources that can help you get closer to your goal.

Student Membership

  • Students who are interested in becoming a member of ANIA receive a significantly discounted membership rate.
  • Members are offered a discounted rate for the ANIA Annual Conference and events that are sponsored by ANIA.
  • There are regularly scheduled webinars that are free for members (you can participate live or view later at your convenience) and receive contact hours. These contact hours can be used towards the Informatics Nursing certification exam application or for maintaining your certification. These may also be helpful towards some clinical hours.


  • ANIA Connect is an online networking site for ANIA members to communicate and find resources, mentors, and practicum sites.
  • ANIA Open Forum can be used to connect with nurse informaticists regarding questions, issues, and changes in practice.
  • Finding a mentor within range and with specific certifications can be done through Mentoring Search.

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