Our New Journal Is Here!

Over the last few years, we have been nurturing Nursing Informatics Today (NIT) from the transitional publication format to the journal stage. Our articles have been developing in terms of both scholarly ideas and research. Additionally, we have seen an increasing number of manuscript submissions. ANIA is a leader in nursing informatics, and we needed an official journal to promote excellence in nursing informatics and health care.

That official journal is the Journal of Informatics Nursing (JIN).

JIN  does not solely focus on research, but is inclusive of a variety of different topics relevant to day-to-day practice. Continuing nursing education (CNE) articles continue as a component to JIN. ANIA is committed to promoting and developing authors and has incorporated publishing sessions into the ANIA Annual Conference.

NIT has retired. But don't worry, you will continue to have access to past issues of NIT archived on the ANIA website for members-only access.

If you are interested in authoring an article for JIN, we welcome your contributions!

Journal of Informatics Nursing

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