Using Data Analytics for Quality Outcomes

Nursing informatics leaders from New York-Presbyterian Hospital used the recent ANIA Conference in Philadelphia as an opportunity to speak to nurses about their hospital’s efforts to manage quality outcomes by implementing situational awareness tools, rather than simply focusing on static, dated reports.

“The CNO said we were drowning in reports. Patient care directors were getting 130 reports daily, monthly, and quarterly. It is almost impossible to analyze all that data and put a plan together,” Rosemary Ventura, MA, RN, told attendees. “They wanted to tell that patient and unit story in a way they understand that doesn’t take half an hour.”

Considering this, viewing current patients’ pain on a dashboard (with scores higher than 7 being displayed in red) provides a more reasonable approach to patient management than reviewing the EHR. (Source: Healthcare Informatics, April 26, 2015)

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