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2017-02-17 08:19

The settlement comes three years after two laptops were stolen from Horizon BCBSNJ's Newark headquarters. According to New Jersey officials, health data was left vulnerable as it was password-protected but not encrypted, as required by HIPAA and HITECH.

2017-02-17 07:20

Microsoft and UPMC have partnered to improve healthcare delivery through a series of projects, Microsoft announced Thursday.
The health system will work on Microsoft's Healthcare NExT Initiative, which will focus on clinician empowerment and productivity with AI, officials said. The companies will work together to develop new tools that will first be implemented at UPMC before it hits the market.

2017-02-17 06:13

The facility is home to 'cognitive collaboratories' for Internet of Things work with clients and partners.

2017-02-17 04:56

The Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights said more than 115,000 people had their PHI accessed and disclosed.

2017-02-17 03:46

Health IT solutions must address patient ID challenges along the care continuum. As virtual care grows to engage a wider breadth of patients, the industry needs to look at innovative ways to ensure ID security.

2017-02-17 02:37

UPMC's Chief Innovation Officer says it's time to dig deeper into what matters, shares a pet peeve and recounts the first time U.S. CTO Aneesh Chopra sent him a tweet.

2017-02-17 02:36

The nonprofit is also building out its Carequality and eHealth Exchange programs, CEO Mariann Yeager said. 

2017-02-17 02:28

Vitaly Herasevich, MD, bases the idea on the “failure to rescue,” concept that started in the nursing field and is gaining traction in applied clinical informatics. 

2017-02-17 02:08

The Chicago-based nonprofit’s methodology taps historical claims data along with real-time behavioral and social determinants data to better control costs by identifying patients likely to need care. 

2017-02-17 01:56

LHQF and UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Louisiana created an HIE registry to keep patients out of the emergency room. 

2017-02-16 10:33

New York City Health + Hospitals, whose CMIO resigned last March citing patient safety concerns ahead of the Epic go-live, is extending the next phase of its EHR implementation. 

2017-02-16 07:31

Miriam Paramore talks with Snyder about her work and what keeps her engaged, why it's critical to help women thrive, and also about the pursuit of the ever elusive “balance.”

2017-02-16 07:11

UC Berkeley brought the case against Broad Institute in Jan. 2016, challenging the intellectual rights over patents held by Broad Institute for the gene editing technology. While Broad was first awarded patents for the technology, UC Berkeley claimed it was first to apply for the patent.

2017-02-16 07:00

The security vendor’s research also found that Internet of Things and medical devices are at the center of the storm.

2017-02-16 06:23

The HIE contains 98 percent of all Maine residents' clinical information.

2017-02-16 06:08

Big Blue will reveal new cognitive and workflow tools at the conference. 

2017-02-16 05:49

Today, organizational population health management strategies typically focus on improved care coordination, communication and analytics. But there is a growing emphasis on consumer empowerment and access to promote person-centered care.

2017-02-16 05:33

The Intermountain and Ascension veteran brings more than 30 years of experience to SSM.

2017-02-16 05:16

Cathy Ball, who spearheads Lahey’s participation in the CMMI program, said bundled payments are a step in the right direction toward value-based care. 

2017-02-16 04:00

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers a host of conveniences and automation to both business and consumers. But new privacy and compliance responsibilities are part of this package deal. Here's how to make the most of it.

2017-02-16 02:50

A company executive discusses the innovative agreement with Amazon for virtual care.

2017-02-16 02:43

The health IT vendor also has its sights set on precision medicine.

2017-02-15 10:15

General Electric has revealed its initiative to hire 20,000 women for STEM positions. The technology giant is targeting the year 2020 as its deadline for having the 20,000 women on board for the science, technology, engineering and math jobs.
The goal, GE noted in a February 7 news release, is to attain 50-50 representation for all of GE’s technical entry-level programs.

2017-02-15 10:02

Two-thirds of healthcare organizations have increased staff to boost EHR adoption, according to a study by Nuance Communications and HIMSS Analytics to be released next week at the 2017 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition.

2017-02-15 06:32

Hosted in Washington by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT and the Chamber of Digital Commerce, the event aims to find ways to deploy the emerging technology in healthcare to solve issues such as identity management, data aggregation and more.

2017-02-15 06:30

If you're looking for an IT job this year, you might want to start with these types of companies, perhaps focusing on the job types that are hot in a given sector.

2017-02-15 05:47

The initiative aims to help Epic shops improve care manager efficiency and compliance with evidence-based clinical best practices.

2017-02-15 05:27

A new health plan data exchange service from athenahealth offers support its providers who exchange clinical data with payers for quality management, risk adjustment and performance management programs, the company announced Wednesday.

2017-02-15 05:02

Patients will always receive care across multiple venues, and that means healthcare providers must learn how to exchange data. Application programming interfaces are the way forward for interoperability.

2017-02-15 04:19

The combination of data-driven consulting with expertise in analytics and data science enables clients to focus on transitioning to value-based reimbursement. 

2017-02-15 04:01

The vendor will demonstrate its new software at HIMSS17 next week in Orlando. 

2017-02-15 02:38

Infosec expert Stephen Cobb says chief information officers score high in conscientiousness and openness and low in neuroticism. And while the pipeline of upcoming CISOs is thin right now, today’s leaders are getting better at their job. 

2017-02-15 02:38

Infosec expert Stephen Cobb says chief information officers score high in conscientiousness and openness and low in neuroticism. And while the pipeline of upcoming CISOs is thin right now, today’s leaders are getting better at their job. 

2017-02-15 02:33

The first step was to create a longitudinal view of the patient so clinicians can better understand how the interact with Advocate. 

2017-02-15 02:04

The partnership is designed to give healthcare organizations the ability to deploy on-premises flash arrays supported by cloud infrastructure for hybrid cloud, backup and disaster recovery systems.

2017-02-14 11:53

The analytics vendor aims to put powerful algorithms to play within all of its applications. 

2017-02-14 10:14

Here are some key tips for successful image management.

2017-02-14 07:57

A leading trend emerges every year at HIMSS Annual Conference. What do you think will be the big idea at this year's event in Orlando?

2017-02-14 07:44

Besser, who is currently the health and medical editor for ABC News, succeeds Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, MD, who led the organization for 14 years.

2017-02-14 06:12

The acting VA undersecretary is the only remaining leader of the Obama administration and the only Trump cabinet pick with bipartisan support.

2017-02-14 05:53

Lead investigator says that decreasing the likelihood of re-hospitalizations is not just about healthcare costs but also the lives of patients and caregivers.

2017-02-14 05:44

Now that the healthcare industry is mostly digitized, leading hospitals like THR are looking at how to use technology as an enabler for improving health, CHIO Ferdinand Velasco said. 

2017-02-14 04:45

Those on the forefront of health IT have an unparalleled opportunity to do well by doing good: to introduce the latest innovations that fix the ever-persistent, budget-draining, patient-endangering inefficiencies in healthcare, while capturing new markets and making more money.

2017-02-14 04:03

Consumerism is no longer a buzzword in healthcare, says Cerner President Zane Burke. As the industry continues to shift, providers should evaluate the care delivery process from the front-end to back-end to identify opportunities for improvement with the consumer in mind.

2017-02-14 02:34

Healthcare consultant and caregiver Max Stroud said patients need more than a portal because live interactions can uncover things technology alone cannot. 

2017-02-14 02:21

Kenneth Stensvold offers advice to prospective students about what they should consider before enrolling in a program. 

2017-02-13 23:27

A list of networking events taking place in the evening hours.

2017-02-13 12:41

While many entities are grappling with how to succeed in these value-based care models, the truth of the matter is that population health actually requires a patient-centric approach in order to be effective.

2017-02-13 11:28

Whether malicious or not, insiders remain a major threat to healthcare organizations, according to the monthly Protenus Breach Barometer.

2017-02-13 09:39

New research uncovers varying degrees of readiness but little concern about the potential to face penalties from the federal government.

2017-02-13 09:00

Learn why bad code is generally much better than no code all, except maybe in matters of life and death.

2017-02-13 08:30

The health IT industry is diligently working to understand and address the evolution of the healthcare consumer. But it is still a reactive response, rather than the proactive and strategic approach that's needed.

2017-02-13 08:13

Failure to comply would result in one to five years imprisonment and or a $50,000 fine. The bill is headed to the Georgia senate for a vote and if it passes, will move to the house.

2017-02-13 07:00

Deloitte Consulting cites seven emerging technologies as critical to the future of IT: dark analytics, mixed reality and blockchain included.

2017-02-13 06:31

The vendor also will be announcing new products for value-based care and coding, a top 3M Health Information Systems executive says.

2017-02-13 06:26

Interoperability group recommends that IT developers standardize features to manage clinical messages and their attachments.

2017-02-13 02:40

Commonwealth Care Alliance and Penn Medicine are already putting Amazon Alexa to work in early-stage projects that promise to reshape the patient experience. 

2017-02-13 02:19

The veteran healthcare technology leader urged executives to move faster with cloud migration and said that the big vendors spend a lot of time and money on information security.

2017-02-13 02:10

The vendor will be showing an early version of what it called “a complete pathology image information system,” at HIMSS17, along with a new medical selfie app. 

2017-02-13 02:08

C&BI tools are so critical to the transition to value-based care that a HIMSS official said it is almost impossible to achieve without them. 

2017-02-13 02:01

The event is scheduled for June 12-13, 2017 in Boston and we are looking for proposals focusing on healthcare organizations using precision medicine to deliver targeted, personalized care. 

2017-02-13 02:00

If your data quality is suspect, your analytics program may also be doomed. Here's a look at today's data quality challenges and how to tackle them.

2016-12-20 02:00

Data governance has emerged as a top concern, and business intelligence remains the top workload for big data technology Hadoop, according to the third edition of the Big Data Maturity Survey.

2016-11-18 06:00

Chief Data 0fficers have been on the rise in enterprise organizations for the past few years. Do they belong in the IT organization, or should they have their own organization?

2016-11-14 08:06

A Gartner survey of chief data officers found that 30% of them are now reporting to the CEO. Also, many companies are creating a new Office of the CDO with its own staff, budget, and responsibilities separate from IT.