Journal of Ambulatory Care Management Call for Papers

Special Issue: Electronic Health Records (EHR) – The User Experience

The Journal of Ambulatory Care Management is dedicating a special issue to Electronic Health Records and issues affecting the end user (physicians, nurses, NPs, PAs, staff, etc) in the ambulatory setting. We are especially interested in how EHRs have impacted clinicians with an eye toward solutions.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to how users’ EHR experiences affect:

  • Workflow in the ambulatory and primary care setting
  • Patient Safety
  • Physician retention/early retirement
  • Physician professional satisfaction and burnout
  • The doctor-patient communication/relationship
  • Medical Education
  • EHR adoption
  • Usability and user-centered design
  • Adherence to meaningful use
  • Issues related to EHR migration, portability and interoperability
  • Patient engagement

We are also interested in abstracts about the following:

  • EHR user experience assessment methodologies and metrics
  • EHR user experience qualitative approaches of assessment
  • Case studies on issues related to EHR switching (reasons, cost, adoption, training)
  • Essays and commentaries on the user experience including vendor perspectives
  • Unintended consequence of EHR use

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