New Opportunities from Walden University in the New Year!

Walden University is offering ANIA members new tuition benefits and professional development opportunities in 2018. ANIA members are invited to attend three on-demand webinars designed to support professional and personal growth:

Digital Detox
Dr. Frederica Hendricks-Noble
Looking up from our cell phones is crucial to connecting with others, and this session will help you put healthy parameters around a very modern workplace problem.

Avoiding Burnout
Dr. Shana Garrett
By examining the biological, psychological, and motivational components that contribute to being burned out, this presentation will identify how these elements work together to create this situation and will provide several strategies to recover. Receive 1 contact hour when you view the webinar and complete the evaluation.

Strategies for Conflict Management
Dr. Barbara Bailey
Conflict can be constructive if it is managed properly! In this session, find out how you can turn workplace turmoil into the foundation for organizational health.

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