ANIA Launches NEW Online Library

ANIA launched a new and improved Online Library featuring ANIA Annual Conference sessions, Journal of Informatics Nursing articles, monthly free CNE sessions, and other educational content. The new Online Library provides a better overall digital experience. You will continue to have access to any content and CNE certificates that you had access to in the existing library. Accounts were automatically upgraded to the new library in early March. (Account holders received an email notifying them of this upgrade.) The new library offers the following ANIA member benefits:

  • FREE access to Annual Conference content that is more than 3 years old (excluding preconference and postconference sessions). This is a NEW member benefit!
  • FREE access to Journal of Nursing Informatics articles
  • FREE live webinar access
  • FREE monthly CNE sessions

In addition, ANIA members receive discounts of up to 50% off the Topic Focused CNE Packages!

Go to the ANIA Online Library