ANIA Call for Nominations for National Positions

This notice serves as the official call for nominations for the following positions:

  • National Treasurer (Board position)
  • National Secretary (Board position)
  • Leadership Succession Commitee (one position)

All candidates must be regular members in good standing for at least 2 successive years prior to their nomination. Information on the application for these positions is as follows.

There are nine Directors of ANIA, with each director serving a 4-year term of office. Each Director takes on prescribed duties or roles/responsibilities that will be open in 2021. For 2021, there is one opening:

The term of office begins January 1, 2021, and new board members are expected to attend the 2021 ANIA Annual Conference. The Board of Directors oversees the control and administers the affairs of ANIA to support the mission of advancing nursing informatics through education, research, and practice in all roles and settings. This includes oversight of the execution of the strategic plan, the corporation budget and finances, authorization of audits, programs, publications, awards, recognition, and liaison with other organizations.

The Leadership Succession Committee (LSC) consists of a chair who is responsible for overseeing the election process as well as finding and vetting candidates. The LSC oversees the election process such as recruiting candidates, setting the schedule of events, reviewing candidates to ensure they have been a member in good standing, preparation of a slate of candidates for Board of Director approval, notification of candidates, and publication of results.

For additional information on roles or the election process please refer to the bylaws.

Application Process

To be considered for the 2021 election slate, please complete the candidate information form and two reference letters. Candidate information, a picture, AND two reference letters must be received by September 13, 2020 to be considered for the ballot.

Complete the Candidate Information Form

After receiving nominations from the membership, the Leadership Succession Committee will review applicant qualifications and reference letters to prepare a slate of candidates for Board approval. Once the slate of candidates is accepted by the Board and ballot prepared, ANIA members will receive an email notice to begin voting.

Important Dates

8/10/20 Call for Nominations
9/13/20 Nomination period closed (candidate information, picture, and 2 reference letters due)
10/9/20 Nominee bio sketches posted
10/30/20 Voting begins
11/13/20 Voting ends
11/20/20 Candidates notified of results
1/8-9/21 New Board Members are required to attend the ANIA Retreat
4/8–10/21 New Board Members introduced to Membership at Annual Conference in San Diego (It is an expectation that newly elected board members will be present at the Annual Conference. Financial support is provided.)

If you have questions about being a Board member, please contact the ANIA National Office at (please use "ANIA Nominations Question" in your subject line).