2014 ANIA Director Candidates

There are eleven Directors of ANIA, with each director serving a three-year term of office. The Directors have staggered terms so that four (4) Directors are elected each year. The term of office begins at the annual meeting. The Board of Directors oversees the control and administers the affairs of ANIA to support the mission of advancing the field of nursing informatics through communication, education, research and professional activities. This includes oversight of the execution of the strategic plan, the corporation budget and finances, authorization of audits, programs, publications, awards, recognition, and liaison with other organizations.

Voting Begins 1/10/2014
Voting Ends 1/24/2014
Candidates notified of results 1/31/2014
New Board Members introduced to Membership at Annual Conference in Las Vegas 3/27/2014


Charles Michael Boicey, MS, RN-BC, CPHIMS, PMP

Charles Boicey is the Informatics Solutions Architect for the University of California, Irvine, an academic research institution and medical center with a strong commitment to quality patient care and academic excellence. Charles is responsible for the development and implementation of the enterprise clinical/research data warehouse and the solutions that support the users of the data warehouse. Charles has over 20 years experience in the healthcare field. Scope of expertise encompasses trauma critical care nursing, nursing management, designing technology-enabled processes, leading the clinical model for transformation, coordinating clinical work flow, ensuring the use of standardized data elements in clinical systems to meet clinical and research data warehouse requirements, leading teams through development, launch and directing training. Over the past two years his concentration has been on the development of solutions for the reuse of clinical, financial and research data to serve clinical, quality, operations and research needs. "Saritor" a "Big Data" ecosystem developed by Charles team has been deployed in healthcare organizations in the US and overseas. During the past ten years Charles has mentored nurses new to Informatics, both formally and informally. Charles is a Registered Nurse, former member of the US Army Nurse Corps, certified in Nursing Informatics, certified Project Management Professional, received his Diploma in Nursing, BS in Business Administration and MS in Technology Management from Stevens Institute of Technology. Charles is currently pursuing a PhD in Informatics from the University of California, Irvine. He is a member of ANIA, AMIA, HIMSS, IEEE and PMI. Over the past four years Charles has presented at 48 national clinical and healthcare IT symposiums including the ANIA 2012 conference. Charles currently serves as the Vice President of ANIA.

Strengths that I will bring to the board include the ability to closely listen and understand issues before developing solutions, the experience of effectively working with national and local committees/boards such as the HIMSS National Nursing Informatics Committee, HIMSS National Innovation Committee and the SoCal HIMSS Board. Success in the utilization of innovative technologies for communication and project management as well as the ability to reach out to contacts outside of healthcare to bring solutions from other domains to healthcare organizations.

Election to a second term will allow me to help to further ANIA’s mission of providing education, networking and informatics resources to enrich and strengthen our field. I would like to continue to help with the work done over the past three years by the organization. ANIA has increased the value provided to members with monthly CEU granting webinars, local and national events. Now that we are well on the EMR implementation and optimization path it is time to look further and begin to expose our members to the opportunities that abound in the reuse of clinical data that is a product of our EMRs. Innovative uses of this data are furthering clinical, quality, operations and research initiatives nationally and internationally. I would like to contribute to the efforts in bringing these innovations to our members

Daniel P. Gracie, DNP, RN-BC

Dr. Daniel Gracie received his Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Mountain State University in Beckley, West Virginia. In 2007, he began work on his Master of Science in Nursing in Administration at the Medical University of South Carolina. In 2010, he returned to the Medical University of South Carolina and completed his Doctorate of Nursing Practice in 2012. During this time, he focused his time on the implementation of informatics competencies into the curriculum of baccalaureate nursing students.

Currently Dr. Gracie leads his team in the build of CPOE with the Epic project at the Medical University of South Carolina. In this role, he also serves as a project lead for the Meaningful Use and Regulatory Reporting planning and implementation. Prior to this, he serviced in roles that focused on the implementation of healthcare information technology solutions and frontline staff support at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Dr. Gracie has served as the social media liaison, a member of the conference planning committee, and has lead the conference planning committee for the past two years.

In my time that I have served our membership of ANIA, I have seen the group grow and transform. During this transformation, I was able to contribute my skills and knowledge to help. I hope I am given another opportunity to serve this wonderful group of nurses who are on the cutting edge of healthcare.

If re-elected to the ANIA BOD, I would like to continue to increase the presence of nursing informatics both nationally and internationally, increase outreach to current and new members, as well as help help to bridge the gap between the bedside and technology. My addition to the board will bring my experience and leadership from the conference planning to this and potentially other roles. I look forward to having the opportunity to represent the Nursing Informatics profession if re-elected.

Nicole Mohiuddin, MS, RN-BC, CPHIMS

Nicole Mohiuddin, MS, RN-BC, CPHIMS earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and a Master of Science in Health Systems Management, from Rush University in Chicago. She has served as a staff nurse on a Medical-Surgical unit at a teaching hospital, as a Director of Clinical Informatics, as a Manager of Strategic Marketing for a medical devices corporation, and as a Senior Informatics Consultant. She has designed, implemented and supported a variety of informatics projects, including electronic medical records (EMR), computerized physician order entry (CPOE), bar-coded medication administration (BCMA) and Smart Infusion Pumps. She currently serves as Director of Informatics at Sugar Creek Solutions, championing broad based informatics solutions. Nicole has served two terms as Secretary for The Midwest Alliance for Nursing Informatics (now part of the HIMSS Nursing Informatics Taskforce). She is ANCC board-certified in Nursing Informatics and CPHIMS credentialed. She served as the interim Region 2 Director on the ANIA board and after her tenure, she continued working with ANIA. Nicole organized the first ANIA Midwest Regional Event, which was held in the Chicagoland area (October 2013). The event which featured 11 speakers, vendor sponsors and offered 6 nursing contact hours, was very well received drew 83 attendees.

My strengths include the broadly based professional experience I have with Informatics. This gives me insight into many elements and stages of Informatics, and how they all fit together. I have seen Informatics thru the eyes of a provider, consultant and vendor, which gives me an advantage to see the greater over-arching role of Informatics. I believe my marketing experience, presentation abilities, organizational skills and outgoing personality will allow me to actively champion ANIA’s goals to present members, to potential members and to professional partners and colleagues.

My vision is for ANIA to combine academic research and practical experience in the field of Informatics, to advance the profession as a whole and to provide ongoing education and equipping for those engaged in it. My contributions toward those ends would include:

  • increasing the visibility, credibility and membership of ANIA among Informatics professionals
  • cultivating and promoting partnerships with like-minded organizations (nationally and internationally)
  • organizing, programming, promoting and facilitating high-value yet cost-effective symposia and other training/education events (i.e. ANIA regional events)
  • encouraging continuous communication between ANIA and its membership through in-person meetings, e-mails and the ANIA newsletter

Cheryl D. Parker, PhD, RN-BC, FHIMSS

Cheryl D. Parker, PhD, RN-BC, FHIMSS has been an RN for 35 years and have been in Nursing Informatics for about 18 years. In her role as CNIO for Rubbermaid Healthcare, she provides expert advice regarding clinical workflows and other informatics driven initiatives to clients, both internally and externally. As Nursing Informatics faculty for Walden University, she teaches in the BSN, MSN and DNP programs. She has been a member of ANIA since 1995 and has served on the 2012 nominating committee, the annual conference planning committee for the past three years as well as being a conference presenter, newsletter author and mentor for new speakers.

The strengths I bring to the ANIA Board of Directors include a wide network of professional colleagues, a unique viewpoint of nursing informatics due to my experience in the business world, and my organizational skills.

I am known for "getting the job to done" and doing my very best in all situations. Whether working as a team member or team leader, I am focused on achieving the defined outcomes. I didn't run for the BOD in 2012 as I wanted to give others the opportunity to experience working on a national team but when I read that the nominating period had been extended, I thought I might be needed this year.

I have participated in ANIA since the early days and have watched the organization grow into one that represents informatics nurses across the global. My goals for the organization include (1) expanding our educational opportunities especially those that allow for remote access, (2) formalizing programs that assist those who are new to our discipline make the transition, (3) expand the chapter concept to areas that desire this local presence, and (4) serve a mentor for the next generation of nursing informatics leaders. As a founding member of the DFW Nursing Informatics Community, I have seen firsthand how valuable the local presence can be especially to those in smaller facilities, independent consultants and others without a strong network. One of my greatest joys is to mentor the next generation of informatics nurses and I see the role of an ANIA Board of Directors member as an outstanding opportunity to continue this mission; so I hope that the members of the association will allow me to expand my mentorship to the organization as a whole.

Christy J. St. John, MSN, RN-BC

Christy St. John's advanced degree is a Masters of Science in Nursing (Informatics) from Walden University (2011). She also holds ANCC board certification as an Informatics Nurse. She obtained a nursing diploma from Bon Secours Memorial School of Nursing (2004). Christy's current responsibilities include the following:

  • serve as a senior consultant and clinical analyst responsible for a broad array of informatics projects and initiatives throughout the enterprise
  • Identify synergies across the care continuum in effort to manage patients effectively through transitions, supported by technology efforts
  • the facilitation of multi-disciplinary, multi-hospital teams to drive evidence based improvements to care delivery
  • manage and communicate data, information, and knowledge in clinical practice
  • liaison role between nurses at all levels in the local markets and the health system office striving toward standardization, simplification, optimization and overall "systemness"

My strengths include leadership, communication, facilitation, and a passion for our profession. I am open, honest, and I believe trust and professionalism are inherent to what we do as nurses. I believe we have the ability to transform how we deliver care and the experience of care for the patient and the clinical providers with the marriage of people, process, and technology. I look forward to the opportunity to serve you, the members.

My first goal serving with the ANIA Board of Directors includes continued focus on membership expansion. Our profession continues to grow and we have strength in numbers. There is much to share among our colleagues. I would like to seek opportunities to partner with other organizations and sponsor events to spread the mission of the organization. A second goal is to expand our educational offerings. Having been a participant in a number of the webinars, they are of great value to our profession. We learn from the experience of others and expand our knowledge base to better ourselves and our organizations. Third, based on the hot topics from the listserv, I would like to create a central space for document sharing by topic. For example, policies related to documentation in the EHR or governance structure. Lastly, create a space for those seeking preceptors or mentors to find helpful information. Partnered with the board members, I believe these goals can be achieved to benefit the members of ANIA.

Karen E. Zorn, RN, MSN, ONC

Karen E. Zorn, RN, MSN, ONC has been a nurse for 35 years and have evolved several times through the years. Following several years of working in the med surg arena she returned to Georgia State University for her BSN followed by a family nurse practitioner education. Following this she held a joint position as a manager of Hyperbarics and a physician practice coordinator for a internationally known orthopaedist. During this tenure Karen was privileged to practice and learn the practical aspects of research, scholarly writing, lecturing and global thinking from a diverse group of practitioners. Moving back into the hospital setting, she used the lessons learned to look at problems from a new perspective. The issues she found were frequently a disconnect between practitioner needs and technological solutions. Using a strong clinical background, a system view and understanding of technology sheI moved into a Clinical Informatics Nurse role to assist with development, education and implementation of technological solutions to clinical issues. This included a barcoding solution, smart pump selection and implementation and build through implementation of a new EMR. Last year she widened the role to a systems role utilizing the same skills in a seven hospital system. Karen joined the ANIA board in May 2011 as the Region 3 director. During the year the regional directors developed a plan for regional education and brought a more formalized approach to representing the regions. She started discussions and support for the group in Vermont to begin to formalize as a chapter and start ANIA toward a chapter structure. Represented ANIA at 5 regional activities during the year. In May 2012 moved to a position as Marketing Director and assisted with initial web development and marketing strategy. As the organization has aligned with AJJ for professional management activities, the Marketing position for the organization has moved primarily to the management company. Moved to the position of treasurer for the 2013-2014 year to maintain the professional stewardship of ANIA funds, assuring that fiscal health of the organization, developed the budget in conjunction with the board to allow implementation of key goals of the strategic plan, including a sustainable plan for support of regional and state chapters and helped mentor new board members in their roles, and provide support as needed for the board.

Moving to an organization with a management company responsible for day to day operations has allowed the board to more easily formalize our strategic plan and move forward on initiatives. The primary goals have and continue to be to provide more benefit to the members for which the organization exists. In my role on the board I have helped to achieve those goals through ensuring fiscal accountability and stewardship. I bring a strong clinical background to the position and continue to stay grounded in the issues of the practitioner by continuing to function as a clinical instructor for a local university.

As a board member I have been willing to listen to the lessons of the past but open to new innovations and structures, one of these being the initial discussions to develop a chapter structure within the organization. I provide an open mind and am willing to compromise to meet the goals of the organization. As we move forward as an organization the road is not clear but what is clear is that we must have a place at the table and a strong capable voices representing our needs. I can help to provide that voice for our members.

ANIA has grown tremendously in the three years since I joined the board. We have moved from a large organization with a small infrastructure to a larger organization with a much more stable infrastructure more able to meet the needs of its members. Our membership is involved in every aspect of the patient experience and has the clinical knowledge to develop, build, implement and maintain the systems of the future. The voice of 3000+ members united should and can be at the forefront guiding the direction of technological solutions to improve quality care in all arenas. I would like the opportunity to continue to help guide the organization to achieve its potential and in doing so to honor and build upon the work of the pioneers who recognized the needs and potential long before meaningful use became part of our everyday vocabulary.


  • Continue fiscal responsibility for long term growth.
  • Increase membership by being the collective voice for nursing informatics
  • Increase nimbleness of the organization to respond to key issues influencing informatics
  • Continue to provide leadership to grow the organization, providing a more meaningful and active role to the member